A trademark is a unique word, symbol, or design that identifies the products or services of a particular organization. When first developed, trademarks are meant to be unique and cannot be used by more than one company. However, there have been cases where companies have been sued for using identical or similar trademarks. Because trademarks are limited in number, it’s essential that owners protect their creations.

A trademark is a brand name or logo that allows a business to distinguish its products from those of other companies. The government grants trademarks to businesses that use them to identify the source of goods or services. A trademark’s purpose is to encourage consumer loyalty and promote competition in the market.

Registration of trademark

A trademark identifies the company that originated an item or service. For example, the Coca-Cola Company has a trademark on its name because only one company could have named its beverage this way. Although anyone can create a new product or service, only authorized companies to have the right to use a trademark to identify their products or services. In most countries around the world, a company must register a trademark with the government to gain exclusive rights to use that mark. A trademark owner may choose to do this so others cannot use their mark without permission.

A trademark is an important tool that companies use to market their products or services. Since no one else can use someone else’s mark, owning one’s own mark is highly profitable because it brings credibility to any business trying to sell goods or services bearing that mark. Companies should apply for and maintain their trademarks with the proper authorities so other businesses cannot profit from their hard work and creativity without permission.

There are a total of 45 classes of trademarks:-

  1. For Goods 1 to 35 classes.

  2. For Services 36 to 45 classes

Whenever you apply your business name, logo, slogan, and tagline in the trademark, you can use the TM symbol and the government take time after application one and a half year to two year maximum.

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