Goods and Services Tax

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What is a Goods and Services Tax Registration – An overview?

Registration of any business entity under the GST Law implies obtaining a unique number from the concerned tax authorities for the purpose of collecting tax on behalf of the government and to avail Input tax credit for the taxes on his inward supplies. Without registration, a person can neither collect tax from his customers nor claim any input tax credit of tax paid by him.

Goods & Services Tax Registration is required for every business or entity that are involved in the buying and selling of good and services. This registration is mandatory for business, companies, firms whose turnover is more than Rs.20 lakhs (for supply of services) and Rs. 40 lakhs (for supply of goods) yearly.

All businesses effecting inter-state outward supplies of goods have to register for a GST too. The same applies to businesses making taxable supplies by the Agents and Brokers of that taxable person.




There are only some rates under GST such as (5%, 12%, 18%, 28%) are mostly used. GST need to learn dozens of tax rates under various subsumed taxes.


GST registered suppliers can claim Input Tax Credit on purchases made from registered person. This results in lower purchase cost which leads to more profit.


A GST registered supplier enjoys better avenues for borrowing of funds. Now a days, bank & other financial institutions require GST Registration for granting loans or credit.


The Businesses and entities to move big bull with registered your businesses, thus, it automatically ensures Growth & Stability of the Business.


Goods and Services tax applicability to all types of businesses.

GST is applicable to all manufacturers, traders and service providers and all kinds of start – ups and companies, whether they are LLPs, proprietorships, partnerships or private limited companies. It also applies, regardless of the threshold limit,

  1. Businesses operating outside their home state.
  2. Online sellers
  3. Businesses paying a reverse charge.
  4. A business not registered to the state.
  5. E-commerce operators.
  6. Input service distributor
  7. Suppliers or agents, etc.